Let’s guide you through to make JKPDD bill payment online in this article.

Electricity in J&K is provided by JKPDD (Jammu Kashmir Power Development Department). The Power Development Department or PDD is online to accept the payment from consumers of Jammu and Kashmir.

Gone are the days when we used to stand in long queues of J&K Bank to pay for our monthly electricity bills and keeping a record of the hard copies of payment receipts of the bill paid. The record keeping of electricity bill payments and making online bill payment in J&K is now done through the website of JKPDD.

There are three ways to make electricity bill payment in J&K.

  1. Pay electricity bill in J&K by visiting a J&K Bank.
  2. Use J&K Bank MPay app to pay for electricity consumed.
  3. Use the PDD Online webpage to make payment through their website.

Now, let’s dig in through all the methods to pay for the electricity bill in J&K one by one:

The conventional method is J&K Bank Electricity Bill Payment option or paying a visit to nearest J&K Bank from your location and standing in long queues and making the payment in cash. Use this method if you have a lot of time in your hands. The positive thing is that you will surely end up making an acquaintance by the time your bill is paid.

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How to pay electricity bill online in J&K?

  • Download the MPay app from the Google Playstore and register yourself with the app if you have J&K Bank account. Most us in J&K have an account with J&K Bank so I think this will not be a problem.

Register yourself on the MPay app and follow the procedure as shown below to Pay Electricity bill online through mPay App.

jkpdd bill payment
JKPDD Online Payment through mPay app

  • Using PDD online services to pay for the electricity bill though their website.  Here we describe it in a step by step procedure below.

Now, there are two steps for JKPDD Online Electricity Bill Payment on Bill Sahuliyat Website of PDD.

  • Quick Pay
  • Logging in the Bill Sahuliyat Website to makethe JK PDD online payment.

Quick Pay lets JKPDD pay bill online in two easy steps on the its website. See the image below to understand better

jkpdd bill online
JKPDD Quick Bill Pay

Enter the Consumer Details, amount to pay and your mobile number.

Hit the Pay button to proceed to the next step.

In this step you can change the amount in the editable box and clicking the Change Amount Tab. Check the Terms of Payment by clicking on it and accepting the Terms and Conditions by the Power Development Department.

jkpdd bill online
Quick Pay Payment Page

In the next step select the Payment method with which you would make the payment.

pdd payment receipt

The advantage of logging in to the JK PDD Bill Sahuliyat website is that it has lots of other useful features which are not available otherwise if you make use of the Quick Pay option.

How to check electricity bill status online for JKPDD?

Register yourself on the website of JKPDD and Login to JK PDD Bill Sahuliyat website. You will find the bill amount in the left side of the screen and a “Pay Now” button below the amount to pay for. Click on the “Pay Now” Button to initiate JKPDD online electricity bill payment. The bill amount is generated by 10th of each month. See image below.

JKPDD Payable Amount

What services are offered on the JK PDD online?

  • Apply for new Electricity Connection in J&K.
  • Subscribe to the SMS Alerts.

It is a a very convenient option particularly for the mountainous regions of Chenab Valley or PDD Kashmir Division where geographical weather constraints delay receiving of hard copy of the bill. You can avoid the late fee charges if you know the bill amount generated timely.

  • Update KYC.
  • Check Consumer Electricity Bill History.
  • Payment History of the JKPDD Electricity Bills paid.
  • Usage History. You can check the Number of electricity Units consumed, start of meter reading and end meter reading during a particular month under this option.
  • Generate JKPDD Duplicate Bill.
  • Payment Receipts. There is an option to download the payment receipt under this option.
  • Link Multiple Electricity Connections under one account.

jkpdd bill payment
Various Options on JKPDD

What is the Helpline No.

Helpline number of JKPDD is 1800-180-7666 and 1912. The
JKPDD claims it to be a 24×7 Toll free Helpline Number.

How to find the Electricity Bill Consumer Number of J&K PDD?

The Electricity Bill Consumer Number is located on the top left side of the Bill. The two important things to know about your electricity bill is the consumer code and the installation no. See the image below as these details are required to register yourself on the JK PDD Bill Sahuliyat website.

jk electricity bill

At present the option of making JKPDD bill payment is not available on the popular Payment apps like PayTm or Freecharge.

The Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department plans to launch its own app soon. It will be a boon for the consumers who wish to pay the electricity bill of JK PDD online. We will keep you updated as the JKPDD app is launched.


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